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Matt Vo, PharmD

EDUCATION:  University of Florida

     As a child, a pharmacist saved his life.  Hence, his passion for helping people stems from from first hand experience of the impact your pharmacist can have on your well-being.

Here at Harvest Pharmacy, our emphasis on treating our patients like family is reflected directly in that Matt has the opportunity to care for 4 generations of his own family.  His great-grandfather is currently one of his patients, and the care and love he administers to his own family translates across to all his patients.  

"The most rewarding aspect of being a pharmacist is seeing my patients health improve and I value the relationships I've been lucky enough to form with my community."

- Matt Vo, PharmD


At Harvest Pharmacy, we specialize in the most up to date diabetic supplies, and we help patients manage their diabetes with more efficiency. Patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes should take caution with almost everything they do - their activities, diet, clothing, medications, etc. Our current pharmacy inventory holds the following essential products and supplies: 


  • Diabetic Test Strips

  • Monitor Kits

  • Lancets

  • Alcohol Pads

  • Lancing Devices

For patients on insulin:

  • Pen Needles

  • Syringes


Not only can we provide you with your prescription needs, we will work behind the scenes for you: 


  • Determining insurance coverage and co-pay

  • Utilizing manufacturer co-pay support to reduce costs (this is excluded for patients covered by federal funded plans)

  • Following up to answer any questions about your medications.


Boost your health and immune system. Harvest Pharmacy wants you and your family to be in your best health possible.  That is why we make available the most recommended and sought-after vitamins and food supplement brands in the market. Whether you need it in liquid form for children or tablets for adults, you can trust that we have them in stock.

  • Vitamins

  • Probiotics

  • Fish Oil


CBD stands for cannabidiol which is naturally found in hemp plants. Human bodies have a control platform called the Enodcannabinoid System, which is made up of cell receptors that act as delivery messengers giving our body specific instructions on what to do. CBD is a very popular product being offered everywhere, but at Harvest Pharmacy, we only source the highest grade products available on the market. Call us today to get more information.


Our pharmacists at Harvest Pharmacy are always available for your concerns about your prescriptions or general health inquiries. Should you have any questions on managing your medications, relieving minor aches and pains, or deciding the best food supplement for you and your family; our pharmacists are always open for a consultation.

Come in and give us a visit! To set an appointment, please give us a call!


Do you ever find it difficult to keep up with your medication refills and picking up your medications?  We can help!  Medication Synchronization, also called Med Sync, is a program we offer here at Harvest Pharmacy to help synchronize your medication refills so that you will be able to pick up ALL of your medications on a single day each month.

Give us a call today about how we can get you set up on Med Sync.


Worried about your health and don’t want to go to the doctor? We offer onsite blood pressure and blood sugar readings. After your readings, the pharmacist will analyze them with you and guide you​ on the next step to take on a healthier path.​​

Come on in to our store or contact us for more details!


At Harvest Pharmacy, we offer immunizations which protect you and your family from several viral and bacterial diseases. Prevent rather than cure. Visiting our pharmacy to receive a vaccine will also minimize your exposure to other patients who may be sick when compared to receiving these vaccines at your physician’s office.

  • Flu

  • Shingrix (Shingles)

  • Hepatitis B

  • TDAP (Tetanus, Diphteria, Pertussis)


Sometimes, patients require medications to be blended in a specific way. This process is referred to as compounding and it is necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To change the form of a medication from a pill to a liquid, or gel.

  • To prevent an allergic reaction by removing a non-essential ingredient such as dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol.

  • To provide a specific dosage of a particular ingredient.

  • To add flavor to a medication that is otherwise difficult for a patient to ingest.

Call us for more details!


To us here at Harvest Pharmacy, it's about making sure that you are receiving the optimal benefits of taking your medications in order to maximize your therapy outcomes.  We will help you:


  • Ensure that your medications are the right fit for you

  • Improve medical adherence

  • Confirm that you are properly taking your medications

We provide each of you personalized pharmacist care.  Call us today to speak with our pharmacist!




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